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Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the forefront of every decision and action we take. Their needs, preferences, and feedback are paramount, and we consistently strive to exceed customer expectations.


We are constantly building an environment where individuals from different cultures and backgrounds can come together to work towards a common goal. We recognize and appreciate that diverse perspectives and skills enhance problem-solving, creativity and innovation.


We endeavor to attract and retain passionate individuals who believe in our vision and resonate with our commitment to excellence.


We encourage our employees to take initiative, volunteer, share their ideas and we emphasize that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of courage.

Why Join PAIX?

  • Develop your skills in a fast-moving company focused on growth, where responsibilities are open for those who want to grab them.
  • Start-up mindset with easy access to all members of the organization.
  • Environment open to ideas, initiatives, and where everyone has a chance to discuss their views.
  • A company where people can grow, and where management is focused on performance and staff development
  • Work with all technology leaders in the world and learn from them.

PAIX is leading the development of Carrier Neutral Data Centres in Africa. Will you join us?

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