We help you to optimise your IT infrastructure and focus on your core business.

Organisations want control over their IT infrastructure cost without sacrificing flexibility or performance. Our carrier-neutral colocation facility allows you deploy your IT equipment into a controlled and safe environment, while shifting capital infrastructure costs to an operating expense.

Carrier Neutrality and Bandwidth Redundancy

We offer complete freedom of choice of carrier / ISP, providing complete carrier neutrality and the possibility of bandwidth redundancy. We currently have 3 local optic fibers terminating in the building (GLO1, MTN  and Vodafone). These local fibers allows you to connect with any of the five(5) international cable operators in Ghana namely, SAT-3, Mainone, WACS, GLO1 and ACE(Dolphin Telecom). Their are three(3) leading ISPs hosted in the Data Centre (BusyInternet, Ecoband and Comsys). Additional connections will be facilitated on the basis of customer preference.


We have multiple levels of access security including biometric access control, surveillance cameras and metal detector scanning. Firewalls provide industry strength security for your servers.  Only authorized personnel with approved credentials are allowed into the data center.  All employees have undergone a thorough background security check before being hired. Your sensitive business data is very safe with us. Our power room is in a physically separated building, providing additional fire security.


Every effort is made to deliver a reliable service:
  • Double redundant power with 2 generators (180kVA and 76kVA), fuelled from a separate diesel tank, ensuring 3 days runtime at full load without the need for a refill.
  • Redundant UPS systems offering 60kVA power
  • Clean power through 125kVA AVR
  • Redundant Power Distribution Units and electricity feeds to the racks
  • Redundant precision cooling system ensures the appropriate environmental conditions
  • Redundant gigabit network
A stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides a contractual guarantee of availability, and clear penalty clauses resulting in credits in case of disruptions of service.


Our highly qualified and well-trained technical staff ensure 24/7 support, and regularly test all systems. They provide the professional, round-the-clock service that underlines RackAfrica’s offering, with response times governed by the Service Level Agreement. Even after hours, a minimum of two qualified technicians are onsite at all times. Service requests are logged via RackAfrica’s ticket management system with a complete audit trail.

Scalability and Cost Saving

RackAfrica helps you to scale your infrastructure as your IT requirements change. From 1U to multiple racks, we are here to support you. Our Data Centre offers the economies of scale of a large professional computer room without the associated high cost of investment, maintenance and human resources.